August 13, 2010

Nova and apartment troubles and oh my

Hey guys,

just been talking crap in the chat Nova Open's ustream channel, realizing my blog is dead like... something really, really dead.

Now, if you didn't know, the Nova is (besides the YTTH con if it's ever going to happen) like a shining beacon of competetiveness in a world full of fluff bunny "our game" events. Hosted by MVBrandt, it's all kinds of awesome.

Here some updates: I've been talked into continuing with my Tau instead of doing the Blood Rodeo, so yay for consistency. The reason for this is mainly my new apartment; it's taking far more money than I imagined, so 40k had to be put on hold. During that time I've gone back and forth on BA, Tau, nids, waiting for the next codex release altogether, and so on. I'll know more at the end of the month.

I'll be following the Nova Open as much as I can (what with time differences and work), to see some of the guys live and see some playing, hopefully. I'm pretty much excited. With some luck, I'll might be playing there too in the future and get my ass handed to me.

That's it already, hopefully more to talk about soon. Signing out.

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